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Janet reads in Saint Louis, Missouri
t Left Bank Books

Thursday, July 24th, 7pm, in St. Louis at Left Bank Books, an independent bookstore highly successful for the last 45 years at the same location,

399 N. Euclid Avenue at McPherson Ave. in the city’s historic Central West End.

The poet reads from her first full-length book of poetry, and recent poems:

What Lasts Is The Breath, Black Swan Editions, 2013.

Finalist and Winner in the New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards.

The book is a ten-year-long elegy for a daughter, a multicultural spiritual journey through grief, a search for gifts of comfort and ethnic understandings.

(from Jewish, Pueblo, Hopi, Sufi-Moslem, Penitente-Catholic, Hispanic and Anglo people, and from the extinct Mimbres people) that enabled a hard-won,

bittersweet wisdom and regeneration, a step forward into the stream of life.

One of its poems, “Isaac’s Blessing” was posted on American Life in Poetry, Poetry Foundation website, for a week in April 2012.

Left Bank Books

(click the readings web page to hear Janet read this poem)

The book is recommended by and for grief and hospice counselors, mental health professionals.
Clergy, and those who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

(click to order What Lasts Is The Breath)

Visit the Black Swan Editions tent and meet
our small publishing company at the Tucson Book Festival

"Sketch" by Barbara Alpert

“Sketch” by Barbara Alpert

Sat. March 15 & Sun. March 18th, on the University of Arizona campus
Exhibition Tent # 124 (Black Swan Editions)
Sunday, 2-5pm, Central Pavilion Tent
Booth #124: Book signing, Sat. 9-5pm, Sunday, 9-3:30pm, 4:30-5pm

Central Pavilion: Sunday, 2-4pm   

Janet is the featured reader at Adobe Walls evenings, April 8th, at Page One Books, 7 to 9 p.m.,   Albuquerque, 11018 Montgomery NE.  

Listen to Janet along with the the first installment of the Wednesday Afternoon Poets, Elizabeth Raby and Linda Whittenberg on Animal Talk Radio, KSFR-FM, 101.1,  Friday, March 21st and Friday, April 4th poems about joy and sorrows with domesticated and wild animals.  The other three Wednesday Afternoon poets, Judith Toler, Blair Cooper and Jane Lipman, read their poems on Animal Talk also. 

The Wednesday Afternoon Poets read again at the Unitarian Church Sunday, April 27th, 3pm. 

Janet is available to present a 90 minute workshop, Circle of Love,  to grief groups, especially those parents who have lost children. She combines sharing her poems from the unfolding stages of grief to recovery, with inviting the participants to share a story, poem, prayer, joke, or whatever helped them at different stages of mourning the loss of their loved one. 

Elements, An Exhibit: Art Quilts Partner with Poetry

(Janet reads on opening night.)

Shiman-511 and Risa Polansky weddingThe Art Quilt Guild of Santa Fe partners with area poets, each creating an ekphrastic poem that  matches the quiltmaker’s elemental theme. ( An ekphrastic poem is one that translates an artwork into poetically crafted ideas and words that reflect on  dimensions of the particular artwork.)

Exhibit Opening: Friday, June 20th at La Tienda Exhibit Space,

Eldorado at Santa Fe, 7 Caliente Road, Building B.

Opening night: Friday, June 20th, through closing nightFriday, July 18th

Poets will read on both dates.  The quilt show opens at 4 pm.

Poets will read from 6pm to 7pm each night.

Make an evening of this event.  Have dinner at LaPlancha, a casual Latin grill located in the building directly east of the exhibit area in the same complex.  The restaurant begins serving at 4pm.  There’s plenty of parking. Call for reservations: 466-2060.

Directions to La Tienda: I-25 off at 290 ramp, right toward 285, pass the first light entrance, go to second light, turn right into Eldorado onto Avenida Vista Grande, turn left off Avenida Vista Grande into La Tienda Shopping area.


One Response to “Upcoming Readings”
  1. Lia Rosen says:

    hello, janet! Clare Kinberg just recommended is to meet– i am lia rosen, artist-potter-teacher and creative jewish teacher and celebrator in Santa Fe (and wannabe poet :-)!

    we have for sure seen each other but perhaps never spoken– may I call you? I am at 428-0668, and liarosen@earthlink.net

    I look forward to learning more about your work, and sharing ideas. All best, Lia Lynn Rosen

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