Two Women Dancing at the Santa Fe Playhouse, March 6, 2010

by Janet Eigner Each one of the Two Women Dancing concerts has evolved from the last in a more interesting way.  It is Santa Fe’s loss that Kate Eberle decided this concert would be her last performance in the duet company, co-founded by the two modern dancers, Julie Brette Adams and Eberle in 2004.  This … Continue reading

Rulan Tangen’s Dancing Earth in “Of Bodies, Of Elements” World Preview, Sunday, January 31, 2010 at National Dance Institute (NDI-NM) Dance Barns

Standing room only, bleachers filled to the rafters, late comers lined the aisles at the NDI at the world preview of the latest of Dancing Earth’s contemporary indigenous performances.  Word is that the same audience interest filled the Albuquerque premiere of the work at VSA North Fourth Art Center, Feb. 6th and 7th. The ninety … Continue reading

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo at the Lensic Theater, Feb. 9, 2010

The hairy-chested Odette in feathers and tutu (Fernando Medina Gallego)  spoofed her own flirting with the Swan Lake’s Prince, winking at the sold-out crowd at the Lensic Performing Arts Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Prince (Josh Grant) played his role straight…an ironic word choice when describing a company of men who dance both … Continue reading

Preview, Rulan Tangen and Dancing Earth

by Janet Eigner “Now let’s do the section where you’re sea kelp,” Rulan Tangen briskly directs.  The artistic director and choreographer of Dancing Earth, the indigenous contemporary dance ensemble, is rehearsing seven of the ten dancers at the College of Santa Fe’s Oñate Hall dance studio.  Several set designers, costumers, guest choreographer (Raoul Trujillo)  and … Continue reading

Moving People Dance Oct. 24, 2009 at Moving People Dance Performance Space

by Janet Eigner What a mother lode of gifted dancers have gathered at Moving People in the last decade. Now that the company has moved into its own school and performing space, now that it has weathered the transition from one charismatic artistic and executive director, Ronn Stewart, to the company’s other co-founder, Layla Amos, … Continue reading

Origin, Heart Streaming, An evening of Music, with Zuleikha’s Dance, Rhythm, Story, Poetry & Humor

Oct. 23, 2009, The Armory / Santa Fe Performing Arts by Janet Eigner The tasteful delicacy of performance artist, Zuleikha’s concert created a mood of meditative harmony and whimsical humor, though the questions asked through short poems–questions about why the earth is unraveling– were profound , so were the answers offered by Zuleikha’s mythic storytelling.  … Continue reading

Julie Brette Adams at Santa Fe Playhouse: Dress Rehearsal, July 9, 2009

by Janet Eigner The last time modern dance soloist Julie Brette Adams collaborated with a dance mentor, dancer and choreographer Charlene Tarver, she created a fascinating and powerful dance, “Knowing,” premiered in 2000, a work in the dramatic tradition of Martha Graham’s early work. After Tarver’s death, Adams began a collaboration with dancer Kate Eberle, … Continue reading

Juan Siddi Flamenco Theatre Company at The Lodge at Santa Fe’s Cabaret Theater, June 23, 2009

by Janet Eigner Artistic Director/Choreographer/Dancer: Juan Sidi // Guest Dancer, Carola Zertuche // Company Dancers: Kerensa DeMars, Stephanie Narvaez, Keyana DeAguero, Cynthia Sanchez, Katherine Taylor // Musical Director and Guitarist: Chuscales // Composer, Vocals and Percussionist: Yiyi // Guitarist, Ricardo Anglada // Vocals: Vicente Griego // Skip the firecrackers this year…pale substitutes for Juan Siddi’s … Continue reading

Shen Wei Dance Arts (SWDA) at the Lensic Performing Arts Center, March 31, 2009

by Janet Eigner Appearing like a drift of extraordinarily well-disciplined winter leaves lifting and blown by a spring zephyr, the 15-member, Eastern-inspired Shen Wei Dance Arts performed “Rite of Spring” from two perspectives, first, more Western, to Stravinsky’s composition, then, more Eastern, in the post-intermission version. Of course, fitting with the yin-yang Asian mood, as the dancers … Continue reading

El Pintor, An Original Flamenco Dance Drama at Maria Benitez Cabaret, July 21, 2008. Lodge of Santa Fe.

by Janet Eigner Theresa Cardenas, Producer, in association with Maria Benitez & The Institute for Spanish Arts Choreographer: Pablo Rodarte Advisor: Maria Benitez Composer & Music Director: Calvin Hazen Musicians: Guitarists: Calvin Hazen, Ricardo Anglada Percussionist & Singer: Francisco Javier Orozco “El Yiyi” Singer: Vicente Griego “El Cartucho” Dancers:      Adriana Maresma Fois, Maritza Montiel Tafur, … Continue reading