Welcome to Eigner Dance Reviews, one reviewer’s opinion and description of the dance world, a panorama of dance in Northern New Mexico featuring professional companies based in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, its indigenous pueblo and tribal dance companies, and contemporary Hispanic and Latino local groups.

Also welcome dance’s cultural “feeder streams,” the nourishing variety of dance artists and companies that live in or visit and perform dance in this area, whether ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, opera, contemporary, world, or other absorbing ethnic dance talent. Occasional reviews of dance performances in other locations may pop up.

My previews, reviews and feature articles have appeared in Dance Magazine, Dance Critics Association, the Pulitzer newspaper, St. Louis Post Dispatch, INTERMISSION, (a St. Louis magazine of performance previews and reviews,) the Santa Fe New Mexican, Santa Fe Reporter, THE Magazine, and radio reviews on KDNA-FM in St. Louis, Missouri, KUNM-FM in Albuquerque and KSFR-FM in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and online with http://www.yourlifeisatrip.com.

The goal of Eigner Dance Reviews is to serve and advance the creative interests of dancers in Northern New Mexico who desire help to reach their performance goals and audiences.

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