Dulce Flamenco Internacional, Flamenco Dance Workshop at the National Hispanic Cultural Center (Abq), PNM Rehearsal Hall/ guest artist Carlos Carbonell, Cadiz, Spain

Carlos Carbonell was born in Cádiz Spain in 1979 into a family of artists.  At an early age he took to dance with great interest leading him to the dedicated study of Spanish Dance and Flamenco with great artists such as Israel Galván, Alejandro Grandos, Mario Maya, Antonio Canales, Eva La Yerbabuena, Antonio y Manuel Reyes, and Fernando Romero.  Additionally he has also studied singing, modern dance and acting.  He began his professional career with Charo Cruz.  He has performed in many of Spains most important festival such as El Grec (Barcelona), Festival de Jerez, and Festival de Granada.  And in many of Spain most important tablaos including El Lagal en Jerez, Los Gallos, El Arenal and la Sala Casa Carmen in Sevilla, Las Carboneras, El Corral and El Café de Chinitas in Madrid and El Cordobés in Barcelona.  Since a young age he has performed in the productions presented by Spain’s most celebrated artists such as Manuela Carrasco’s Adonai, Sara Baras’ Juana La Loca and Rafael Amargo’s Amargo, Poeta en Nueva York, Amor Brujo y Enramblao and Eva La Yerbabuena 5 mujeres 5. He has also danced as an invited artist with Joaquín Grilo, Carmela Greco and Rafael Amargo in the production of Los Tarantos which toured Japan.  He has performed in the United States as part of Carlota Santana’s production of Bailaor. Carlos performed along with Merecedes Ruiz and Andrés Peña in the 1st edition of Japan’s Bienal.   In 2006 he also performed in the first bienal of flamenco in Switzerland.   In 2004 Carlos presented his first production, “Tríos” in collaboration with Olga Pericet and Marco Flores. In 2005 he again toured Japan with David Lago performing along with Masami Okada in Amor Brujo. In 2006 Carlos was invited to perform in Jueves Flamencos in Cadiz and 2008 was invited to Viernes Flamencos in Jerez.  He has also performed in the Festival Torre Guzmán, Festival La Palma de Plata and Festival La Liviana.  In 2008 he choreographed and performed the lead male role in Carmen for the Ballet Flamenco de Jerez de la Frontera which toured Italy for two months.   In March 2009 he will presenting his current show Acompasa2 at the Festival de Jerez.

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  1. Great site, I will be back. Well done

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