Mid-Winter Workshops for Women

Announcing to women of Santa Fe, I would like to offer you an opportunity to train with me at two mid-winter dance movement workshops.

My teaching philosophy begins with breath and circular movement patterns. I create a thorough warmup to heighten awareness of mind/body/spirit/heart integration , focusing on initiating movement from the deep central core of torso, undulating through spine and out the limbs. I use visualization and metaphor, often drawn from nature imagery. Rhythm is a consistent element, with recorded music of world indigenous sources ( with enough sign up i may be able to book a live percussionist with professional international indigenous music background)

Location: Railyard Performance Space, 1611 Paseo de Peralta
Dates: Sunday JANUARY 18 and SUNDAY FEBRUARY 22
Time: 10 am -12 noon
Cost: sliding scale donation per workshop –  $20 recommended minimum up to $200. Nobody turned away for lack of funds

FEBRUARY 22:  “MOVEMENT OF INSPIRATION AND DEDICATION,  PASSION AND COMPASSION” is the Sunday after Valentine’s day . The theme of Love will be explored through gestures of compassion and passion, to use kinetic intelligence and bodily memory to invoke the essential healing and transformative power of love. Goddesses and archetypes from world cultures will be used as inspiration for form and creation of movement phrases.

Rulan Tangen:   rulanova@aol.com


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